Welcome to Proper rideshop Hawaiis only indoor skatepark and skateboard training facility located in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii.  We are an established skate shop with the latest product and a developmental skatepark constructed for all levels of skateboarding with top of the line obstacles, equipment and audio/security technology.  We specialize in proper skateboarding instruction and technique to progress building self esteem and communities along the way.  Our professional staff are experienced board riders and trained instructors to give each rider a positive experience while pushing them for progression and enjoyment.  Skateboarding builds social, mental and physical skills if done proper.

Our services provided include:
– Sales
– Customer service
– Instruction
– Programs
– Camps
– Lessons
– Parties
– Events
– Games

– Competitions.

Our pricing operates on a membership and non membership system.
Annual membership rates are $240.
Membership benefits include:
-Proper Rideshop t shirt
-Profile photo on members wall
-Sticker pack
-Monthly newsletter
-Annual skate contest
-20% off skateboarding programs
-15% off all PR products
-10% off all other products
-10% off at all Up and Riding stores.
Skateboarding programs:
Skate 101/Intro. to skateboarding is a mandatory one hour clinic designed to teach proper fundamentals of skateboarding along with safety skills while assessing each rider for future placement into an 8 week clinic. The cost is $55.
8 Week skateboarding clinic (1x a week for an hour session) in a 1:4 instructor/student ratio demonstrates proper developmental trick selection, instruction, trick repetition, safety, form and technique with other riders of the same level and personality.  Also includes a 60 second skate demo, riders license and commentator at the end of 8 week session.  The cost is $295 (member) and $360  (non-member.)
Shred session is a 2 hour open skate session with an OSA (open skate assistant). Water and music included.
 The cost is $30. (member) and $50. (non-member)
Seasonal (week long) skateboarding camps are from 9am-2pm M-F. Instruction, grouped by level, music, games, entertainment and more…
Private skateboarding lesson is a one on one hour long skate class practicing proper form and technique with a trained instructor.  The cost is $75 (member) and $90 (non-member)
Private Bday skate party is 2 hours long which includes all access to the Rideshop with 10 friends.  The staff includes 3 employees. (Coordinator, instructor and skate mom) also a 60 second demo. along with a birthday metal for child celebrating. One hour of instruction and one hour of open skate, music, games, entertainment and PA announcements. The cost is $600.  Additional costs include:  Additional guests $45 each. and Skate bags (with t shirt and sticker pack) $15 each.
The skateboard is a unique learning tool. The act of skateboarding is a great way to observe your child grow socially, physically and psychologically while bonding/guiding them along the way.  It keeps people active, builds self esteem and stronger communities.
If done proper with the right equipment and instruction it is relatively safe.  It is also fairly inexpensive if compared to other sports,(especially team sports) and the commitment involved.  If skateboarding equipment is used properly and cared for it will last a long time.  It can be practiced all year round as an individual sport or with others at any time.  You can also travel on most airlines with your skateboard and there are skate parks all over the world now.  Over the past decade government and communities have realized that the positive aspects of skateboarding outweigh the negative stigmas.  They are currently accepting and supporting its growth.  It has just recently been accepted as an Olympic sport along with its cross over relative surfing.  It is also sustainable for the environment and all ages and walks of life participate in skateboarding.  Its a lifestyle, culture and physical activity producing unique, creative individuals.  “Success is not achieved without failure, it builds a stronger mind and body”
Any questions?  Please contact Samantha at 808 373 3303