Name:  Matt Reynolds
AKA:  Coach Matt
Stance:  Regular
Hometown:  Aina Haina, Oahu
Homepark:  Proper rideshop
Years skating:  35
Favorite trick:  Fs slash grind
Favorite cereal:  Peanut butter crunch
Inspirational quote: As you think, so shall
you become – Bruce Lee
Work experience:  Skate Care Hawaii, Woodwardwest, GRO, Poseidon foundation, Local 808 LLC, Askate, etc…
Name:  Sean Mclean
 AKA:  LT. Sean
Stance:  Goofy
Hometown:  East Coast
Years skating:  14
Homepark:  Kaneohe skate park
Favorite trick:  Tres flip
Favorite cereal:  Honey Bunches of Oats
Inspirational quote:  Stay Stoked.
Work experience:  Skate Care Hawaii, Woodwardwest, Poseidon foundation, Local 808 LLC.

Name:  Brian Johnson
AKA:  “Haole boy”
 Stance:  Regular
Hometown:  Fairfield, California
Years skating:  10
Homepark:  Fairfield skatepark
Favorite trick:  BS smithgrind
Favorite cereal: Coco puffs
Inspirational quote:  Never give up
Work experience:  Woodwardwest, Skate Care Hawaii, Askate, Local 808 LLC.
Name:  Heimana Reynolds
AKA:  “Mana boy”
Stance:  Regular
Hometown:  Aina Haina
Years skating:  8
Homepark:  Hawaii Kai skatepark
Favorite trick:  540 Mctwist
Favorite cereal: Reeses puffs
Inspirational quote:  Keep working hard
and you shall overcome
Work experience:  Skate Care Hawaii, Poseidon foundation, GRO, Askate, Local 808 LLC.