Heimana Reynolds


Age: 18

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii All terrain skateboarder

Career Highlights:

2017 Vans Pro Park Series/US Open 20/105 place qualifier

2016 Vans Pool Party 6th place

2016 Vans Pool Party 4th place qualifier

2015 Vans Pool Party 11th place

2015 Vans Pool Party 2nd place qualifier

2015 Thrasher Magazine “Sessions in the Abyss 2”

2014  Skate for the Cure Super ramp 15th place

2014 Thrasher Magazine “Hall of Meat”

2014 Vans Pool Party 12th place

2014 Vans Pool Party 2nd place qualifier

2013 Red Bull “wings division.”

2013 Woodwardwest Street League showdown am. champion wk.1

2012 Free Flow/Dew tour skateboard am. bowl champion

2012 First Hawaii skateboarder to do a “Full Pull” on big air mega ramp

2011 World Cup skateboarding am. bowl champion

2011 World Cup skateboarding Tim Brauch memorial contest am. bowl champion

2011 Flow skate mag. (vol. 3) cover photo

2010 Disney XD “Next X” champion

2007-2009 King of the Groms ATV champion/bowl titles

Sponsors: Pocket Pistols skates, Vans (flow),Independent(flow), S1 helmets, Spitfire, Stance, 187, Wahoos, Speaqua and Local 808.